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EpoxyTek’s General Purpose Epoxy is perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike. This medium body resin offers ideal use as an adhesive or structural laminate. A versatile 2-to-1 compound, our General Purpose Epoxy bonds exceedingly well with wood, metal, fiber and fiberglass, providing a smooth, glassy finish.

With our selection of Fast, Medium and Slow Hardeners, you can customize your cure time to best suit the needs of each individual project. Whether you’re performing simple fiberglass repairs or applying weather-ready laminates, our General Purpose Epoxy is designed for easy application and reliable results.

Available in 1 Quart, 1 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 7.5 Gallon and 15 Gallon kits with choice of Hardener. Each kit includes one bottle of Epoxy and one bottle of Hardener. Components available for purchase individually.

General Purpose (GP) Epoxy (2:1 ratio)

  • Quart Kit (Quart of epoxy, Pint of Hardener) $48.66
  • Gallon Kit (Gallon of Epoxy, ½ Gallon of Hardener) $145.97
  • 3 Gallon kit (2 Gallons of Epoxy, 1 Gallon of Hardener) $259.50
  • 7.5 Gallon Kit (5 Gallons of Epoxy, 2.5 Gallons of Hardener) $583.66
  • 15 Gallon Kit (10 Gallons of Epoxy, 5 Gallons of Hardener) $972.77

Options for this would be Slow, Medium or Fast Hardener. You can also purchase the Epoxy and or Hardener Individually.

View the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for this product.

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